Grades 3 - 8

Nancy Danelson teaches grades 3-8. Her goal is to assist her students in becoming lifelong learners and witnesses for Christ.

In our Bible class this year we will be studying the New Testament and Christ teachings. We will learn how to apply
what we read to our lives today and how to be a light to the world. We will offer community service acts once a month,
as well as hosting chapels and church services throughout the year.

In social studies this year we will cover California and World History.

In science we will take an in depth look at flowers, plants and gardening with a trip to a farm. We will also study
earth’s history from a creationist point of view and take a camping trip to one of our National Parks.
We have a number of labs and experiments with diagrams and microscopes.

Some of the enhancement classes we are offering this year are: art and keyboarding with
Mrs. Herling, band with Hud & Larry deFluiter, German with Mr. Walters and lego robotics with Mr. Knect


To learn more about what will be covered this year check out the link below to the Adventist Key Learnings: